Hot Summer Nights

When it is so hot and muggy outside I think of when Laurie and I first met.  Summer of 2005 will forever be etched in my heart.  We met online (she IMed me) and talked though E-mails and Instant Messages for about a month before we met.  We decided to meet at a local diner at 12:30-1am.  I worked until 11 and she till midnight.  We were suppose to meet up for ice cream…I don’t know why I was so weird, but I didn’t order any ice cream. Just water. Water?!  I was broke!! I just started a new job and I don’t think I had my first paycheck yet. After we ate she ate and I drank.  We went to her apartment (no sexy time thankyouverymuch!) and played Janga. I remember going home very late almost morning.  Over the next few days we still chatted online and got to know each other in person too.  We made plans to go to Six Flags
which is where we first held hands, joked around and we were just in awe of each other.  Of course, I lost her car key (it must of fell out of my pocket on a ride or something) and I thought she would never talk to me again! We searched and searched for that damn thing.  The more we searched the more I cried (I really did cry!!).  I thought, ” great I’m stuck here with this girl who now hates me because I lost her keys, how ever will I get home!!”  Luckily, she is just as amazing then as she is now and remembered that she had a spare in her wallet.  After we walked the park 10 times looking for the it.

After Six Flags we were just smitten with one another.  I wanted to be around her to know her and of course to hump her like crazy!  There was one hot summer night that sticks out in my mind when we were standing outside (so hot and muggy, yuck!) leaning on her car just chatting away.  If you could imagine one of us leaning on the car and the other standing in front holding hands.  We were rocking back and fourth as we chatted and then elbows would hit the car window from rocking back and fourth. We have dubbed this night “Elbindow” Elbow + Window= Elbindow.  That night would of soooo been the perfect first kiss. Nope, not yet. At this point we were seeing each other for about 2-3 weeks. No first kiss yet.  That came in the form of a super awkward laying on the floor ones goes for it the other moves her head. Yeah. You get the idea. It was not the best.  But we were watching “Better Than Chocolate” -great movie.  Still, no nookie, but at least we kissed after nearly a month!! The nookie came in the form of oh my god, amazing, where have you been my whole life, never want it end awesomeness a few days (a week?) later.  We decided to ‘go steady’ (Aug. 2nd) and then the fun began. 

That summer was so life changing.  We had a picnic on the rocks at Montauk, went camping, played games (which includes Drunk Strip Janga… Laurie won.) We got to know each other so much and who knew we’d be happily married plus baby today. Neither of us were ‘ready’ or ‘wanting’ to be in a long term, serious relationship, but when you feel the connection…It was out of this world. We couldn’t ignore it. That’s for sure. 

I’m so happy with where my life is today, and on hot summer nights I remember how it all came to be.


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