…and then there was three.

First of all, Happy 4th of July!   I hope everyone had a happy & safe one.

This past weekend was my birthday! Yay!  I am now 26… and I can not be happier with the way my life has turned out. Awesome wife, cutest little boy, a new house, a job, and a family who loves me. =)  I am so lucky.

In baby news, my beta has returned to Zero, zilch, Nada, 0. Gone. It was kinda of better sweet. I’m sad to see the baby go, but I’m happy that It did not take forever and a D&C to get there. I’m happy that my body just took care of it.  Our next step will be FET when AF comes.  With that said, I have a question.  We have 3 frozen embies left.  Should we go for all 3 or do 2? We wont do 1 that’s for sure. Doc would be fine with 2 but I’m not sure how he’d react if I told him we wanted to do all 3. With experiences that you’ve had and blogs that you’ve read. What should we do?! 

This is my logic:
If we do 2 then there will be 1 left. Assuming that both survive the defrosting process. Great, we transfer 2 embies. What if they don’t work. Then there is only one left. What if we go though the cycle and that lone embies does not make the defrost?? That would be one hell of a cycle bust.  So, if we do all 3 that eliminates that scenario all together.  Now, with doing all 3 that comes with it’s own set of ‘risks’.  Although having triplets would be an absolute blessing, can we handle 4 babies?! Do we have room for 4 babies?! Can we afford for me to be out of work if (…and most likely would) I had to go out early due to birth or bed rest?!  Oy, so much to think about…  What is the likelihood of me even getting preg. with frozens? I know the percentage goes down with the frozen embies, but is it enough to risk doing all 3?! Yikes. I guess that is a lot of “what ifs” and more than one question. We’re lucky that have the frozen embies to even ask these questions.

On the m/c side of things:
Emotionally, I‘m doing much better.  I’m sad… sometimes worse than others, but a lot better than what I was.  I’m sad but at the same time happy about the time we did get to share with our baby. I’d rather have a few weeks than none at all.  Now I know that I can get pregnant and now I just have to get pregnant again and stay pregnant. Physically, I’m doing fine. I bleed for about 3 days which was slightly heavier than my regular period…. it stopped and I’ve been totally fine. No cramps, no spotting… no nothing. A good thing I suppose.

So, right now. Life Is Good.


7 thoughts on “…and then there was three.

  1. I transferred three, and got pg with two. My sister did the same thing twice. . . got pg with 1 and the second time with twins. How comfortable are you with twins?Glad you are feeling better. I have been thinking of you and your family.Jill

  2. Glad you are feeling better. I transferred two and got two (on the first try) so I would be scared to do three. Though I'm not sure what the success rate for fet is. Whatever you decide, I hope this next time you get and stay preggo. 😉

  3. We have 2 embies on ice and decided not to go ahead with FET because we think the chances of losing one in thawing are too high. We're going to do another IVF cycle instead. SO, yeah, I'd go with 3.

  4. I'm not sure if this is an option but could you thaw all three and only transfer the best two? I would imagine there would be a range of quality since you don't know how they would react post-thaw. At your age, I highly doubt your RE would allow you to put back three but you should discuss with him/her.

  5. based on our experience, i think i'd do all three. we thawed four, transferred three (one didnt survive the thaw), and got pregnant with one. thats a really hard decision you are faced with…i'll be wishing you all the luck in the world!!!

  6. I haven't gone through it, but my thought would be to go ahead with 2. I agree with tbean, since you're young and healthy I don't think your RE would suggest transferring all 3. If you're not comfortable with thawing 3 and transferring 2, then just go with 2. Good luck ladies, I've got everything crossed for you!

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