Saying "the words"

What words?

My wife is pregnant.

Woah. It feels SO strange to say those words out loud. But, they are true, my wife is pregnant and it stirs up so many emotions.

First is disbelief. Pregnant? Really? On the first try?? Didn’t it take four years to conceive Ryan? Woah. We are really having another one! While I know logically that she is pregnant for some reason I just can’t believe it.

Second is protectiveness (is that an emotion??). I am so.very.protective. of her right now. I want to know that she’s feeling okay, not overdoing it, eating, drinking, happy and content. I can now understand why she wanted to put me in a bubble when I was pregnant. I’d like to pass on the bubble and go for something more sturdy like an underground bunker.

Third is excitement. I am just thrilled to have our second baby on the way! I love the idea of the kids being a year apart and cannot wait to hold that precious little bundle in my arms. I’m excited for Heather to experience the indescribable feelings of pregnancy. I’m excited to hear her talk about the baby kicking, hiccuping and rolling around. I loved being pregnant and am so excited my wife will experience it.

Fourth is fear. Insert the “oh-shit-what-are-we-doing” factor here. What are we doing!? We are buying a pretty small house. I’m scared it wont be big enough. I’m scared we wont have enough money and that Ryan will have a hard time adjusting to having a sibling. Luckily, excitement trumps fear and I don’t spend much time worrying.

I am overwhelmed with emotions. My wife is pregnant and I just love saying those words.


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