I think….

I see a line.

I saw one yesterday, but Laurie did not. Today, 7dp5dt I see a line and so does she!

Truth is, I’ve been down in the dumps because I’ve been testing since 4dp5dt and they have all been negative (except the very light line that I saw yesterday that Laurie did not.)  I know I should not of been testing that early, but…. I did.

Any who, today I’m pretty sure there is a line, and because Laurie sees it too (with her old lady eyes)..I’m pretty sure that its true and not just my imagination. 

I’ve been feeling totally crappy the last couple of days.  Headache, cramps, and a bit nauseous yesterday morning and this morning.  I wasn’t sure if this was the work of  the medications (progesterone suppositories & estrogen pills) or I was feeling these things because I was in fact preggers.  I’m not sure if I totally believe it. I’ve been testing on dollar tree tests, so tomorrow morning I will test on a name brand HPT. =)


6 thoughts on “I think….

  1. Can't wait to find out more tomorrow!!!! So exciting!! With Sadie the $1 test was a faint faint faint line. Made me wonder why I'd been peeing on those darn things for so long. First Response was much easier to read.

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