Transfer: Check!….and now we wait.

The blasts are in and snuggling into their home for the next 9 months!  They transferred 2 expanded AB blasts which they said looked very strong! I hope that they are right!  All 12 embryos are still growing, and 2 of them already made it to freeze! I’m not sure why they froze them already, but they did and they made it.  So, there is 8 embies still growing hoping to make the freeze process.  I’m totally happy & excited about the outcome. 

The transfer itself went flawless!  It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  We were not able to get a picture of them under the microscope because their printer was down, booo!

As of right now, I’m feeling good. It is totally strange to know that there are little embryos chilling inside of me right now.  All sticky dust is welcome! =)


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