Let the fun begin!

Triggered with HCG ( not lupron) last night at 9:45pm. They decided to use the HCG instead of the Lupron because they seem to get better results with the HCG, and I’m not in a high danger to get OHSS right now. My Estrogen levels were around 1000 and OHSS is suggested when estrogen levels are 5000+, so they and I felt safe to use the better of the two triggers. Here is what today and tomorrow look like:

Last night trigger: 9:45pm
7:45am- BW
noon- start drinking the bowel prep
1p- Take Ryan to greatie’s house ( she watches him until Laurie gets home on Fridays)
2p.- begins liquid only diet
3p-11p Work (??) am I crazy?!
midnight- start NPO diet (nothing by mouth)

some time really early- drop Ryan off with sitter.
be at clinic no later than 7:45am
Whenever we get out – Pick up Ryan
Come home -Laurie’s mom is coming over
Laurie & Heidi are going to six flags (read below to find out more info about that)
Laurie’s mom is going to watch Ryan while I rest

Alright, you are probably wondering why the heck Laurie is going to six flags the day of my procedure.  A few weeks ago Heidi (Laurie’s 11 year old sister) won tickets to six flags in a contest.  Soon after they made plans to go (tomorrow)  and Heidi has been looking forward ever since.  As many of you know, its really hard to predict when you are going to have your ER, we really thought it was going to be last weekend. However, with slow growing eggs it has turned into this weekend. We tried cancelling six flags 2 times with no luck. We tried, oh bad weather, we don’t think we should go. Didn’t work, Laurie’s mom has been checking the weather and its suppose to be super nice! 75 and sunny to be exact.  So that’s out, and then we discovered that we didn’t have enough milk in the freezer for Laurie to be away from Ryan all day (??) That didn’t really work either.  We had to tell her. We had no other options. Heidi is so excited she has been counting down the days, minutes and seconds until six flags….. We didn’t have the heart to cancel the day that she is suppose to spend the night & go in the morning.   We felt horrible.  Being that I definitely will not be able to go to six flags, and Laurie & Heidi don’t have someone to watch Ryan, he has to stay here…and I will be way too groggy to take care of him.  We have some friends who we thought would be able to come over, but we didn’t want to feel like we were holding them up, or worried about how Ryan is doing, and all of the other things you worry about while someone else is looking after your child.  Grandma watches Ryan several times during the week and we knew that she’d be free Saturday afternoon to watch him. So we told her what we’re doing ( she was totally not surprised… I feel like people expect us to always have something up our sleeves)…and we know that we can trust that she wont say anything to anyone. We still want this to be a secret, but it feels good to have help with Ryan when we need it. Last time it was so  much easier to get around things, this time…. not so much. Even though I know that Laurie feels guilty as hell leaving me home, and she probably wont have as good of a time because she’ll be worrying about me, I’m totally fine with her going. I’m sure that I’ll be fine. I’ll be sleeping and sleeping some more ( I hope). 

Another route: Laurie’s mom is going to ask Heidi if she’d rather have 1/2 day at six flags tomorrow or a full day there next weekend. We’ll see what she says…For now we are prepared for them to go tomorrow.

And for those of you who are curious. I have 8-10 measurable eggs to hopefully be mature. Maybe more by tomorrow morning. Keep your fingers crossed for strong, healthy follies!


4 thoughts on “Let the fun begin!

  1. woohoo!! good luck! isnt it complicated to plan with a babe i tow? sounds like you've got some good family support and made a good decision to share whats going on! looking forward to the ER news!

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