Round table…

That is where my chart is going today.  For everyone to look at and see what the heck is going on here.  It seems for last few days my follicles have not been growing as they should.  I have about 8 mature, lead follicles, and about 15-20 smaller ones lingering around 11-16.5mm….and we need them to be at least 18!  It seems that since starting the gon.orelix they have really been stagnant, and my estrogen has dropped from 1600 to 700 in that time as well.  So, something is going on and I hope they figure it out! I feel like this has been going on forever (I’ve been stimming for 2 weeks today).  RE really wants to see if we get get those lagging eggs to grow that way we don’t miss out, but at the same time he does not want to wait too long and miss the already mature ones.  It’s a fine line.  Today he will be taking my chart to be reviewed by all of the Dr.s in the practice to see if maybe someone else has an idea of where to go next. 
I have like 25 eggs, it would totally stink to only be able to get out 8 of them! =/ 

They call around 1-1:30 so hopefully I’ll be able to update before I go to work this afternoon….


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