I feel like my eggs are shrinking!! Tomorrow will be 2 weeks on stims, I thought it was suppose to be 10 days?! After one of the Dr.s in the practice lowered my follistim to 150-100 ( for 3 days) another Dr. raised it back up to 300.  He thought that I’d be able to trigger today…. I won’t be.

Today’s sono showed a couple eggs 18-20 and some 17 and some more 16 and then a bunch that are like 11-15 range…. a few of them grew from yesterday and then there are a bunch of new ones that are popping up.  We’ll see what today brings when they call me to adjust my meds for tonight… The super conservative Dr was there today, so if he wants me to lower my meds I’m going to ask for my chart to be reviewed by the more aggressive Dr. to get this done already….

Oh, and something else.  The clinic has started to do a bowel prep before retrieval??  Oh good god!!!  I have to drink the bowl prep at noon the day before, clear liquids after 2pm, and then nothing to eat after midnight..  This is  new policy because Laurie did not have to do this at all…  This should be interesting!


2 thoughts on “???

  1. what the heck is that all about — bowel prep before retrieval… seems like prep work for the tiny percentange of women who have 'complications' or such of the retrieval. to make everybody do it sounds mean!!fingers crossed you can trigger SOON!!

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