What a difference 2 years make!

Two years ago today 29 eggs were retrieved from my ovaries. It’s crazy that now my wife has a few dozen follicles plumping up to be retrieved for our second child.

It’s kind of strange to be in the passenger seat while we are TTC-ing for #2 after spending 4 years in the hot seat myself. I can better understand how Heather felt when I was stimming, how she was very protective and all. I am constantly worrying about her… wondering how she’s feeling, hoping she’s not overdoing it. I know how uncomfortable it is to have so many eggs respond to the meds and she is doing a wonderful job coping.

I must admit that it’s nice not being the one to have to do injections, have blood and sono, etc.! I’m eager to see how well she progresses and handles the procedures. I’m confident that she will do wonderfully and show me up by getting a BFP on her first try!! (fingers crossed!)


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