Feelin’ B.I.G

We’re almost there….

Today’s sono showed 22 measurable follies (not counting the many less than 10 on both sides) between 12-17.5mm.  I feel big, so big and bloated. I’m sitting here with my pants unbuttoned because I feel so confined with them all zipped up.  I started Gon.oreli.x this morning to protect my eggies from ovulation, and I’ll be taking that until I trigger.  Which will hopefully be very, very soon. Like, how about tomorrow?! That sounds good to me.  I was taking 300iu If follistim and now I’m taking 150iu which started yesterday.  My follicles are growing about 3-4mm a day, so I’m hoping that they will be big enough in the morning to trigger. This is my weekend to work, I’ll be taking it super easy. 

My lining is at 8 and is tri-layered(?), which they said was good.  It was 9 the other day, I had some bleeding due to a late response to the birth control I was on, and it went to 5 (yesterday) and back up to 8 today. Sounds good to me! 

Other than feeling super big and bloated, I feel nauseous and a bit shaky.  I’m not sure if it’s because of the meds or because I’m nervous.  I’m really, really afraid to have OHSS.  Living though it with Laurie I know that it is NOT fun, and NOT something I want to go though… Apparently, the protocol that I’m on is to hopefully have little to no OHSS, lets hope it works!

Update: The clinic just called… I’m decreasing the follistim to 100 and back for bw/sono at 8am tomorrow. =)


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