Some Answers….

Thank you for the questions, it made me feel like people do read my blog. Even if it’s only two people! Quality rather than quantity, right?!

Q: How do I get Ryan down for naps?
A: Since Ryan was born, we’ve let him pretty much sleep/eat when he wants to.  However, it seems that he has fallen into his own little pattern.  Usually, when I’m noticing that he is tired (when he rubs his eyes, or is just cranky) I either do one of two things, put him in his crib and pat his back, or lay him over my lap and pat his back and butt at the same time. He LOVES this.  Ryan loves to sleep in his crib,  so when I do put him down, he usually stays asleep for me.  During the day his naps range from 10 minutes to 2 hours! A wide range, I know. I guess it depends how well he slept that night.

Q: After experiencing Ryan’s pregnancy as the non-carrying mom, what are you most excited about this time around?  Anything you are nervous or scared about?
A: Honestly, I’m scared, really scared to give birth.  I stood there while Ryan was being born and watched the whole thing, cut the cord and everything.  For some reason the image of his head coming out and all that stretching, pulling and whatever else went on just freaks me out.  I’m scared that I wont be able to do as good and Laurie did giving birth. No meds, nice labor….it all seems impossible for me to have, not really sure why.  I’m most excited about feeling and carrying the baby.  I’ve always wanted to know what it felt like, and all that jazz. I feel as a women, we should be pregnant at least once in our lives…. just to experience what mother nature can do.

Q: Have ya’ll shared this round of TTC with anyone IRL?  We are finding it a really hard secret to keep – especially negotiating childcare for ER/ET dates!
A:  A very select few IRL people know about this.  One of my friends knows ( she just had a BFP with an IUI a few weeks ago) and one of my bosses know, that way I can have days off for the ER/ET without calling in.  I don’t want to be all shady about it being that I know that she’d keep it a secret and that she could help me out.  As for the ER/RT dates, we had it all planned out, one of Laurie’s friends who is also TTCing was going to watch Ryan, but being that now we’re looking at a during the week ER, she wont be available because of work.  I’m not really sure what we’re going to do now.  We’ve really tried to keep it a secret from our families, so it would be best if it were a non-family member that would be able to watch him those days.  We’ll see, I’m sure that it will work out. 

Q: Do you have names picked out for #2 yet? 
A: Yes, we do.  However, only for a girl.  It was so hard to pick a boy’s name the first time around, I don’t know what we’re going to do if it’s another boy. Boy’s names are rough for us.  If it’s a girl her name will be Hannah. I just love that name.  Hopefully, in 9 months time I will still love it.  =)

Q: Do you have any secret desires for another boy or girl? 
A: Not really, I’d really like to have one of each, so I can go with a girl. However, a boy would be easier, as you said, we already have all the clothes.  We picked out all of our big ticket items (stroller, high chair, pack n play) in neutral colors that way they can be used again, and again, and again…lol



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