Follistim Day 6

U/S showed many less than 10 on both sides, with one at 10 on one of the sides.  The possibility of a weekend retrieval is probably not going to happen, we’re more looking at Monday/Tuesday ish.  I’ve off from work on Monday, so I hope that it’s Monday… I wouldn’t have to call-in or worry about co-workers finding out why I wasn’t there.  I just got the call about my blood work, everything looks good.  My lining jumped from a 4 to 9 in 2 days! They are keeping my dose the same at 300 for tonight, and tomorrow night.  Back into the office on Friday to see where everything stands.


One thought on “Follistim Day 6

  1. sounds like your follicles are developing perfectly! okay, i've thought of a few questions (better late than never, right?) – after experiencing ryan's pregnancy as the non-carrying mom, what are you most excited about this time around? anything you are nervous or scared about?- have ya'll shared this round of ttc with anyone IRL? we are finding it a really hard secret to keep – especially negotiating childcare for ER/ET dates! – do you have names picked out for #2 yet?- do you have any secret desires for another boy or for a girl? (though, i guess it isnt secret any more if you share!) i keep thinking how easy another girl would be since we have bins and bins of girl clothes!

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