Open for questions & update

Ryan is fast asleep at the moment, so I have some time to blog.  Today was my first follistim check up!  So far, everything looks great. I had many <10 on both sides.  I go back on Wednesday for another look at what those little guys are doing in there…  I’m curious to see how many eggs I’m going to make, I must say, it is pretty interesting… 

Now for some fun stuff! I’ve seen other bloggers do this, so I wanted to do it too…  Questions?!  Ask me anything, really. please.  I feel like no one reads my blog, maybe this will help.  =)

Have a Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “Open for questions & update

  1. I am reading! Hoping the first time is the charm for you 🙂 Ryan is such a cutie!In terms of questions, I want to know how you get Ryan down for naps. I have such a hard time with my guy since he started refusing the swaddle.

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