Chugging Right Along

boy oh boy! What horrible heartburn I’m having!!  I think that its from the BCP.  I’ve really  never had heartburn before, but since I started with the bcp, It’s been wicked!  I googled it and it seems to be a side effect of bcps, who knew?!   I’m finding that it is worse when I drink water, so I’m going to try to lay off that and see if it helps.  Good thing I come off of them on Monday!  After that, I do nothing for 3 days and start stimming on Thursday (5/6). 

I had the water sono done on Friday…. It was not bad at all!  The RE said that I was an, “easy one”… Lets hope that it’s a good sign of things to come.  Being that Laurie was unable to come to this appointment with me, I was solo with Ryan.  I really feel horrible bringing him into the waiting room, I know how I felt when someone had a baby there while we were TTC #1, it sucked!  I would never want to make someone feel bad like that.  On the other side, he was a very good boy while we were there.  When they called me into the room, I put him on the side of the exam table and he tried (and almost did) pull off my little paper blanket several times.  I had to keep telling him that it was for me because Mama had no pants on! LoL. He didn’t seem to care, he loves paper.  During the exam he was a little prince sitting there watching everything around him.  It was on the way out when he almost took down the place.  I didn’t realize that he had his arms wrapped around the curtain and when I went to push him out of the room I realized that the curtain was coming with us!!! He had one heck of a grip on that thing!

All of my meds where delivered today…it was like dejavu seeing all of those meds again!  I’m interested in how I’m going to handle giving myself shots.  I kinda like needles (weird I know) so I don’t think that it would be a problem, but ya never know!!

bed time. heartburn: please go away!


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